The Institute of Corporate Secretaries of Pakistan  

The Institute of Corporate Secretaries of Pakistan


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Council of ICSP



Management of ICSP vests in its Council that discharges the functions assigned to it under the provisions of Memorandum & Articles of Association. It is composed of twelve members, elected every three years by the members of the Institute. There are various committees that are providing assistance in the smooth functioning of the Institute such as on administration, education, seminars, publication & I.T etc.

The management of the institute is the responsibility of the National Council which is assisted by Karachi Branch Council.


The National Council of the Institute is comprised of twelve members which are elected by the members of the Institute of Corporate Secretaries of Pakistan for the tenure of three years.

The present composition of the National Council elected for 2015-2017 is as under:




   1              Mr. Mohammed Zaki                          President
   2              Mr. Muhammad Sabihuddin               Vice President
   3              Mr. Abdul Rehman                            Vice President
   4              S. Shamim Akhter                             Secretary
   7               Mr. Asif Mahmood                             Member
   8              Mr. Saquib Jawed                               Member
   9              Mr. Maqsood Ahmed                           Member
   10            Mr. Muhammad Ahmed                       Member
   11            Mr. Zafar Ahmed Khan                        Member
   12            Mr. Zafar Iqbal                                   Member




When participation and needs of the member in the southern had region increased, the members of the institute decided to establish a lower body to assist the National Council in accomplishment of routine matters of the Institute of Corporate Secretaries of Pakistan, hence Karachi Branch Council came into existence. It was first established in 1993 and is comprised of 5 members elected by the members of the Institute for one year tenure. Since this year election of KBC not conducted hence no KBC has been constituted for 2016.