The Institute of Corporate Secretaries of Pakistan 

The Institute of Corporate Secretaries of Pakistan


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The minimum qualification required for admission is bachelor’s degree or equivalent as approved by the Higher Education Commission. Admission to a higher group may be given if a candidate qualifies or gets exemption from most or all papers at a lower group.


Registration Requirements

All the candidates, who intend to have professional qualification of the Institute, must comply with the following regulations:-

a) Application for registration must be made on prescribed Admission Form which may be obtained from the office of the Institute.

b) Every applicant for registration must, if required, provide evidence acceptable to the Council that he/she:

                 1- is not less than eighteen years of age:
                 2- has passed the degree  (Bachelor)  examination of any recognized University of
                      Pakistan  or   has
 acquired  degree   of  any   other  recognized university or has
                      passed  Senior   Cambridge  “A”  level   with   five  passes  at   the  ordinary  and

                      advanced   level   provided   that  two  of  the  passes  have  been obtained at the

                      advance level and passes be obtained in Mathematics and English language at

                      the ordinary and advanced level or equivalent qualification as applicable to CIMA

                 3- Understands  and  accepts  that  success  in the prescribed examination will not
                      entitle  to  membership   unless  and   until  prescribed  qualifying  experience  is

c) Every applicant for registration must be recommended by a member of the Institute or by a person of professional standing as a fit and proper person for admission to the examination of the Institute.

d) Admission Form must be accompanied by relevant supporting documents and must be received at the office of the Institute by the appropriate closing date for subsequent entry to the examination.

e) All fees due on registration must be paid at the time of submission of Admission Form.

f) The decision of the Council regarding acceptance or rejection of an application shall be final.

g) All students are registered for one financial year initially and on 1st of July, each year, registration will normally be renewable for one year on payment of the prescribed fee. Further extension of registration should be made in writing to the Institute for consideration and approval.

h) A student will normally be expected to qualify all the prescribed examinations within six years of initial registration, though further limited renewals of registration will be considered in special circumstances by the Council.

i) Registration as a student confers no membership or voting rights. However, successful applicants may describe themselves as registered student of the Institute.