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List of Books



List of books prescribed to new syllabus recommended by the Examination and Education Committee in its meeting held on 20.04.2006.


# Subject Title of Books
1 Economics Environment Micro & Macro Economics

by: Samuelsons


Economics of Pakistan

by: Khawaja Amjad Saeed

2 Introduction to Accounting Financial Accounting

by: Meigs & Meigs


Accounting Principles

by: Jerry J.

3 Business Mathematics & Statistics Introduction to Statistics

by: Ronald E. Walpole


Business Mathematics

by: Mirza M. Hassam and M. Ali

4 Commercial and Industrial Laws Commercial and Industrial Laws

by: A.G. Chaudhary


Business Laws

by: Mc Kuchhul

5 Information Technology A Complete Book on I.T

by: Rajesh Trehan

6 Human Resource Management Organizational Behaviour

by: Fred Luthans


Integrated Management

by: PBP

7 Business Finance Management Accounting

by: Khan & Jain


Financial Management

by: Khan & Jain

8 Financial Accounting and Reporting Financial Accounting & Principles

by: PBP

9 Corporate Tax Management Income Tax Guide 2005

by: Najeeb Mochala


Complete Income Tax Law

by: Shaikh Asif Salam
Bare Act

10 Company Law and Allied Rules Companies Ordinance 1984

by: Nazeer Ahmed Shaheen

11 Meeting Law and Procedure The Administration of CompanyMeetings

by: G. Nizamuddin

12 Secretarial Practice and Audit Secretarial Practice

by: D.P. Jan
Bare Act of Pakistan

Nazeer Ahmed Shaheen

13 Corporate Laws & Practice i) Complete Company Law and Procedure

by: Sheikh Asif Salam

14 Corporate Laws & Practice (ii) Practical Approach to Companies Ordinance

by: Nazir Ahmed Shaheen

Please download PDF files of
complete syllabus as well as an updated list of recommended books.